Data Science / Decision Science

Let the science drive decisions ...
Probably actions too!

Decision science is about solving a business use case by a blend of statistics, right technology platform (machine) & domain expertise to stay ahead of competition.









At DataPhi we consider data an enabler for effective decision-making process, as opposed to traditional view of data as a tool for incremental improvements.

Data Science

Data Science

Data is the tool for improving and developing new products based on robust statistical methods
Decision Science

Decision Science

Data is the tool to make decisions

Decision Science in work …

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

  • Customer segmentation
    (RFM, clustering)
  • Association rule mining
    (market basket)
  • Buying propensity
  • Personalization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Marketing mix analysis


  • Forecast distribution demand for optimum coverage
  • Reduce transport costs using AI powered route optimization
  • Reduce downtimes using smart maintenance schedules
  • Improve efficiency by AI powered smart routing for logistics and travelling salesman problem
Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Churn predictions
  • Influencer marketing
  • Text analysis


  • Fraud detection
  • Risk analytics
  • Credit scoring
  • Real time interaction management
Shared Services

Shared Services

  • Employee churn prediction
  • Smart acquisition

DataPhi at work

We combine business knowledge gathered through our experience with technical expertise and deep skills in statistical techniques/ algorithms to provide quantifiable business outcomes.

How we can help

We can assist you in your decision science journey at any stage

Proof of concept
Extract insights from focused data to support larger use case
Establish data science platform
Create a data science platform to empower long term vision of data centric decision making
Solve a business 
problem using data
Define use case based on a critical business problem and create an execution plan
Enable in-house teams to take up decision science challenges

Use Cases

Let’s start your data/decision science journey...

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